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Seven Amazing Loft Storage Ideas

From tidying the hallway to finally re-claiming that spare bedroom, in this blog we’ll take you through some loft storage ideas to help you open up space in your home.

But first, admit it, organising your loft is a job everyone puts on the back-burner – remember how long it took to put the Christmas tree back up in January?

If you finally get around to sorting the loft out though, it’ll provide you with peace of mind and more space in your home. 

With property prices going through the roof, more and more homeowners are opting to stay where they are and do more with the space they have. 

Take note of what is there

Before we get into some actual loft storage ideas, one of the quickest ways of getting started is to first know what you are organising. 

Take an inventory of what is currently in your loft before you even think about adding to or removing things from your loft. This will give you an initial idea of what you’re dealing with as there is a good chance you have forgotten about most of the items currently in your loft. 

If you’ve forgotten it’s in there, you probably don’t need or want it. Get rid! 

Make sure you have checked the area for any unwanted guests 

It’s dark, often cold and with plenty of bags of belongings to go through, it is often a rodent’s dream. 

Before storing anything, it is important you inspect the area for any unwanted guests such as rats, mice or other rodents. 

If not dealt with, they could cause havoc in your loft and destroy your belongings.

Check how much space you actually have

If your loft is already cluttered and you still plan on storing more things there, it’s probably time to do two things – firstly, have a clearout and secondly, check how much space you have. 

It’s important that you have enough space to move and walk around when removing and returning items to your loft, not only for ease of access but also for your safety.

Be decisive – don’t keep everything! 

Do you really need that old box of broken electricals? The answer is almost definitely no. 

Take a tip from Marie Kondo – when you are deciding what to keep or remove from your loft, be honest with yourself and avoid hoarding unnecessary items.

Making a list of items you want to keep as well as ones you don’t will help speed up the process. 

Some possible items to keep include:

  • Family Photo Albums / Mementos
  • Christmas Decorations 
  • Suitcases 
  • Camping / Sporting Equipment 

loft storage suitcases

While some things to think about throwing away to give you more loft storage space include

  • Clothes / Shoes / Books – Many charity shops, in particular, would be glad to take these off your hands.
  • Broken Electricals
  • Old Video Games / DVDs / CDs
  • Unused Furniture

Consider where you’re going to store everything

Now that you’ve decided what to get rid of, it’s got to go somewhere. 

Depending on what the item is, there are a number of things you can do to recycle your unwanted storage items from selling them online or if you’re feeling a little generous, give them away completely. 

Sites such as eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are perhaps the more well-known places to offload unwanted furniture, clothes and shoes but there are other options depending on what your item is. 

Depop is becoming ever more popular for selling previously worn items from shoes, clothes and even watches and jewellery.  

If you’re in the mood of giving, however, you can always go to your local charity shop or use the ever-common Facebook Freecycle groups to free up space in your loft. 

Make sure you use the right storage containers 

Bags and bin-liners are a great way to store old clothes, books and everything else, aren’t they? No!

Bin liners are often used by homeowners as an easy fix for their storage woes but they should be avoided. Due to their flimsy nature, your items inside are constantly at risk whether that’s the bag tearing and them falling out or something else getting in. 

If you’re looking for simple, yet effective loft storage ideas, cardboard storage boxes are ideal for the job of keeping your loft neat and tidy but most importantly, keeping your valuables and belongings safe. 

For some of the larger items that you are planning on keeping, it could be quite difficult to fit them into cardboard boxes. Materials such as sofa covers, bubble wrap and dust sheets will all do their bit in keeping your belongings safe and clean. 

Label everything! 

You have everything packed away and ready for storage, so now it’s time to label them.

Although such a simple method, it is often overlooked. Labelling all your boxes and any larger items will really help you organise your loft and free up space. 

Also, make sure you are labelling your boxes on both sides so no matter which way your items are stored, you’ll always be able to see what’s in it!

Should you ever need to find anything, it won’t seem such a chore next time. 

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