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8 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips During Lockdown

We’ve all been there had a quick look at the back of the oven or under the fridge, only to find what seems like fifty-years worth of dirt and grime. After the depths of winter, it’s no surprise that, come spring, we like to don our washing up gloves, grab our dusters and give our houses a deep clean. Not only is it a great opportunity to refresh, but it’s also ideal for decluttering and sorting through those items you don’t use very often. But, what about spring cleaning tips during a lockdown?

Our 8 spring cleaning tips outline everything you need to deep-clean and organise your home: 

  1. Plan your cleaning routine first
  2. DIY your own cleaning products
  3. Start with cleaning the dirtiest spots
  4. Wash your windows out of the sun
  5. Don’t forget to wash bulky furnishings
  6. Declutter your space
  7. Move unused items into storage
  8. Refresh and update your decor

While many of us across the UK are spending most of our time at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to make the most of it and to get started on a deep clean. Read through our handy checklist for the best tips, advice and home cleaning hacks to help you focus on what’s important and to offer some structure to your cleaning routine.

1. Plan your cleaning routine first.

When tackling a full house clean, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed. So, before you get started, it’s a good idea to sit down and make a list to ensure you stay on track.

  • Make sure you’re prepared with the correct cleaning products and equipment. While it depends on your specific space, generally, a basic clean will require disinfectant, sponges and cloths, a mop and a hoover. You can also use a range of household products in your cleaning regime, perfect if you’re stuck at home.
  • Decide how much time you can commit to cleaning. There’s no point planning a whole house clean if you only have a few hours to spare. Instead, tackle one room or task at a time.
  • Gather a few boxes for optimal organisation. These will help you sort through items that need to go into storage, those that can be donated to charity, and anything else that needs throwing away. A fourth basket or box can also be handy when finding things that need putting away to avoid getting distracted halfway through cleaning. , When you’re done, simply return everything to its rightful place.
  • Take inspiration from others. The rise of cleaning influencers, such as the ever-popular Mrs Hinch, means that there is an abundance of information and tips online. A great way to get some advice is to join a social media group, such as Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, where people share helpful hacks and hints, and you can get answers to your cleaning questions.

2. DIY your own natural cleaning products

natural spring cleaning products

Our best spring cleaning tip? If you’re stuck at home, you don’t need to spend loads on expensive solutions to get the job done. There are so many natural cleaning products that can be found around the home:

  • Lemon has natural antibacterial properties
  • Vinegar is ideal for descaling – ideal for kettles, showerheads and glass
  • Washing up liquid and water is perfect for stainless steel- simply polish using a soft cloth, rinse with hot water and dry immediately. 
  • Bicarbonate of soda is a natural deodoriser and cuts through grease – perfect for keeping fridges and bins fresh, scrubbing out stains and for unblocking sinks.

3. Start with cleaning the dirtiest spots

The best plan of action begins by making a start on those areas you keep putting off. From the microwave to the oven, the dishwasher to the bin, getting the dirtiest places done first will not only get them out of the way, but will also help you save time in the long run.

Here are our best spring cleaning tips for dirty areas:

  • To remove crusted on stains inside a microwave, simply pop some water into a cup or bowl, along with a lemon. Heat for several minutes until the water is boiling then, leave to cool for 15-20 minutes and simply wipe clean.
  • For dirty oven racks soak in warm washing up liquid or, for crusted on stains, wrap the shelves in tin foil and pop into a bath with some hot water and a few dishwasher tablets. Leave overnight, then rinse. 
  • A filthy oven can be cleaned easily – make a paste of baking powder and vinegar, scrub over the inside, leave for a few hours, then wipe off. 

4. Wash your windows out of the sun

Did you know that direct sunlight can lead to streaky glass? This is because, in the sun, the surface of the glass heats up quicker, causing the water to evaporate, which leaves some dried cleaning solution on the glass. So, if you’re planning on cleaning the windows or doors in your home, start on the shady side of your house or pick an overcast day to make your glass sparkle. 

Top tip: a simple solution of vinegar and water is ideal for crystal clear glass – simply mix equal parts together in a bottle, spray it on then polish with a microfibre cloth for a streak-free shine. 

Man spring cleaning windows

5. Don’t forget to wash bulky furnishings

While you might regularly wash your duvet covers and sheets when was the last time you cleaned your mattress, curtains or sofa? We very often forget about the larger items in our home, as they’re not as straightforward to clean. Here are our top spring cleaning tips:

  • Strip all the beds and wash every pillow and duvet. Most will be able to be popped into the washing machine, or you can even wash cushions in the bath, and leave them outside to dry. You’ll simply need to fluff them up before putting them back inside. 
  • Clean mattresses by applying shaving foam to any stains and leaving it to sit for 15 minutes. Once the time is up, simply wipe off with a damp rag that has been soaked in a half-and-half solution of water and vinegar. You should also regularly flip your mattress to maintain it. 
  • If your sofa has removable covers, put these in the wash, and use a vacuum and pick up any dirt or dust that is trapped within the cracks.
  • Don’t forget your curtains and blinds. Always check the label, but most curtains are machine washable while using kitchen tongs covered in fluffy socks is a perfect way to dust your blinds. 
decluttering clothes during spring cleaning

6. Declutter your space

Spring cleaning isn’t just about making sure surfaces are spotless,  it’s also the perfect opportunity to declutter your living space and find new solutions to your problems. Being clever with your storage solutions can go a long way towards keeping your home clean and tidy. Utilising a rotating tray is a great way of storing condiments or herbs and spices, while using adhesive hooks are perfect for keeping awkward pan lids out of the way. 

With lockdown meaning everyone is now spending the majority of time at home, more and more of us are desperate for some extra space to set up a quiet home office, or to simply make the most of your home. This makes it the perfect time to go through your wardrobe, attic and shed to find those items you don’t need right now.

7. Move unused items into storage

Woman using self-storage to declutter home

Once you’ve decluttered your home, it could be useful to move some of your lesser-used items into storage, especially during the COVID-19 crisis where having enough space is so important. It’s no secret that suitcases or holiday clothes might not be needed for a while, while lesser used items such as decorations can take up a lot of space in your home, especially if you don’t have the luxury of a shed or loft space. Utilising self-storage is a great way to declutter, without having to get rid of belongings you might need in the future.

With self-storage units in a range of sizes and 24-hour access, its simple to find the right space for your belongings. Find your closest Ready Steady Store now.

8. Refresh and update your decor

Once your house is clean and tidy, it might be time to give your home decor a little refresh to reflect your new, refreshed space. It’s simple to make small changes to keep your home feeling bright and clean. For example, replacing your bedding, towels and soft furnishings can help to transform your space, while rearranging or even painting furniture can set a whole new tone.

While we all clean up after ourselves, wiping down surfaces and hoovering up crumbs, it’s not often we give our homes a deep clean and declutter. Right now, with so many of us spending so much time indoors, there’s never been a better time to roll up those sleeves and get scrubbing and organising.

Round Up

While lockdown is a stressful time, getting started with your spring cleaning can go a long way towards keeping you busy and creating the ideal home environment. Don’t forget to save this handy checklist for next time, to help you structure your spring cleaning:

  1. Make a to-do list to stay on track
  2. Keep nasty cleaning products to a minimum by making your own
  3. Begin by cleaning the dirtiest parts of your home
  4. Wash your windows on a cloudy day
  5. Don’t forget about mattresses, sofas, duvets and pillows
  6. Organise and clear the clutter
  7. Make use of self-storage for unused items
  8. Invest in some new accessories to brighten up your decor

Please note, due to COVID-19, we are offering contact-free move-ins for all new customers. If you’re looking to create some space in your home, our flexible storage solutions are ideal for those looking for a short-term fix, or a longer-term solution.

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