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Over a million people watched the first episode of the reality tv show UK Storage Hunters where people bid on the contents of abandoned storage units in the hope of finding hidden treasure.

In fact, it does happen, one man in the US opened the unit he had “won” to find a pile of newspapers – but they were from the day Elvis died, in mint condition and he sold them for $90,000!

Other valuable finds on the shows

  • A unit filled with original paintings worth $300k, from a bid of $3,600.
  • A locker filled with 16C pirate treasure worth $500k from a bid of $1,000
  • In Florida a lucky person bid $300 and found a stash of handwritten Beach Boy lyrics sheets that sold for $6m!

Storage Auctions in the UK

Following on from the success of shows like Storage Hunters and Storage Wars we are often asked if Ready Steady Store run auctions. However, storage auctions like this are not legal in the UK and the shows you seen on TV will have been set up for the programme. 

It is possible though to buy goods that have been abandoned in storage units and containers. 

Some storage companies will offer the total contents of the units by Tender, and some will auction off the individual items from the unit.  

If this is something you are interested in, we would suggest you contact the storage companies in your area and ask to be put on their list or to be notified when they have goods to dispose of.

Storage Auctions at Ready Steady Store

Occasionally we do have units that are abandoned by our customers.  We have a strict process we follow in these circumstances and our primary care is to our customers and selling the goods would always be the last resort, when all other avenues to have been exhausted. 

If we do need to dispose of goods, we auction the total unit contents on eBay, so nothing like as exciting as Storage Hunters!

We post some info on the size of the unit and goods inside; the winner of the auction must come to site and clear the unit. 

If there is any money left over after the customer’s debt with us is settled, we give that to the customer. 

At Ready Steady Store we have seen units sell for as little £20 and as much as £900, we have never seen one sell for the £10,000 we’ve seen on the show! 

If you would like to know when we have an auction please email us on to join our list.

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