Self Storage for Everyone

Decluttering Your Home

Storage solutions for every household

Whether you live in a one-bed flat or a four-bed house – space can become an issue over time. This could be due to a growing family or a growing shoe collection. Either way, you will need more of it. But how do you get the space you need if you aren’t in a position to move to a bigger property?

The answer is: easily. Whatever size your home, it is possible to find the space you need without even building an extension, let alone moving.

Here are a few storage solutions, which you could find, give you the space you need and more – before you know it.

  • Organisation is key

Firstly, organisation is the key to efficient storage and sufficient space. You need to give everything a home, then you know where to put it when you are done with it and where to find it when you need it. This also means reviewing your items regularly so you aren’t keeping clutter. You need to throw out the rubbish, donate to charity and sell what you can – so the space isn’t taken up with items you don’t need.

  • A storage unit

Talking about items you don’t need – how about investing in a storage unit? This will provide you with a space to store a large amount of your belongings – those things you want to keep but don’t need in your home right now. You can access it almost as easily as if it were still in your home and have peace of mind that it is safe and secure.

  • Invest in multi-functional furniture

Multi-functional furniture is the best way to have the furniture you want and the storage you need. Take your bed, for example, you need this – or where would you sleep? But it takes up a large amount of space in your room. However, swap your current bed for an ottoman bed and none of that space will be wasted. While you have somewhere comfy to sleep it also opens up to reveal a storage space perfect for your winter wardrobe during summer and vice versa, as well as spare bedding, pillows, duvets and so on.

  • Make use of ‘dead space’

Look around your house – do you see how much dead space there is? Perhaps you have never even considered using this for storage because you can’t see how you could. But where there’s a will there’s a way. Take the space above the bathroom door, for example; if you placed a shelf here it could be used for anything from toiletries to clean towels.

  • Clear stacker boxes

Stacker boxes are ideal because they make the most of your unused wall space rather than your much needed floor space. Clear ones are even better because you can see inside them so you don’t need to tip everything out each time you are trying to find something.

  • Vacuum pack bags

These bags are perfect for storing everything from blankets, duvets and pillows to clothes and coats. They enable you to store something bulky in a much smaller space – neatly and easily.

  • Think outside the box…

There are plenty of quirky hacks enabling you to find storage in a space you perhaps didn’t think was possible with items you may not have considered.

Self Storage for Everyone