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Students going home for the holidays – Tips on storage in Stoke

Stoke is a student-friendly city that has a lot of innovative and exciting times ahead. For new students in Stoke, it can sometimes take a while to get to know the place. Like where you can find the best budget-friendly places to eat. How to navigate the public transport systems and get the best deals for local and national buses and trains. Which pubs and clubs give students discounts.

At Ready Steady Store we have lots of students as customers, and we’re always looking for ways to pass on good advice. For any students in Stoke, here are some tips on how to keep your possessions safe when you leave for the holidays.

Self storage is the safest place for your possessions

One of the unfortunate things about student populated areas is that they are prone to high levels of theft. If you consider the typical shared student household and its contents, you’ll find that each room will have some electronic equipment stored inside. Additionally, there will be several such items per room. If you multiply that by the number of students in a shared house, you have easy access to expensive equipment: Laptops, smartphones, TVs, MP4 players, and various other gadgets.

Our advice to anyone that intends to go away for any length of time is to be smart and store your expensive items with us. That way, you don’t have to rely on anyone else when leaving your house. You know that everything is safe and secure in a self storage unit.

More savvy tips for students in Stoke

Here are a few more suggestions that will help any students studying at Staffordshire University or Keele University.

Lock your doors and windows – even if you’re in the house, you should close and lock and windows or external doors, especially if no one is in the room. Even if you have never had a break-in, if you get into bad habits you’re more likely to attract an opportunist thief.

Don’t advertise your possessions – using your tablet in public is a sure-fire way to bring unwanted attention. It’s better to use smartphones and tablets in secure places.

Get insurance – for the worst-case scenario- get your equipment insured. Contents protection is relatively cheap, and most companies offer student rates to help save money. Sometimes, damage can happen, and it’s no one’s fault. Getting insurance will help you avoid replacing the item yourself.

Store important items – don’t leave expensive equipment when you leave your house or Halls of Residence to travel or visit home.

Helping students with affordable storage

We offer a range of self storage options at prices everyone can afford, even students on a tight budget. Our self storage units that can’t be beaten for price or accessibility.

By renting out a fifty-square-foot self storage unit, you could free up the equivalent space of one room. We offer 24/7 access, price match and other special offers, such as rent one month and get the second month free. We’re confident that we are the best self storage provider in Stoke and the surrounding areas.

Make your time at university a unique experience, and most of all, make sure that your possessions and safely and securely stored.

Contact us today for a free quotation or to speak to us about our self storage packages for students.

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