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The Ultimate Festival Packing Guide

Picture the scene. The sun is shining, you are excitedly heading towards the gates of Glastonbury with your rucksack on your back and are eager to get inside and listen to your favourite bands. You’ve probably also got a can of cider in hand. Then,disaster strikes! You reach into your pocket for your ticket and realise you have forgotten it. You’d be mortified. You can’t let this happen to you.

Admittedly, packing for a festival can be difficult, whether you have been going for years or are heading to your first one. While you have to make sure you have everything you need, you don’t want to take too much and face carrying it about as you try to find the perfect spot to pitch your tent.

However, not even persistent rain would ruin your weekend as much as forgetting something that is essential. So, be clever with your packing and you will set yourself up for the best weekend ever!

Festival packing guide

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