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The Ultimate Guide to Document Storage

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  1. What is document storage?
  2. Document storage options
  3. The benefits of off-site document storage
  4. Freeing up office space
  5. Ease of access
  6. Security: ‘Are my documents really safe?’
  7. Like to know more?

When you hear the term ‘document storage’, you might imagine a rarely used filing cabinet in the back room of your office. 

Storing your information securely is always a priority for a business, and while most of that can be done using cloud storage, for your older, less-used business documents, this can prove more of a problem. 

While most businesses will prioritise online storage for more sensitive business information, in some cases it is a legal requirement for businesses to retain physical copies. This is where document archiving and storage can come into play. 

But what is document storage and archiving and what benefits can it have for a business?

In this blog, we will take you through: 

  • What is document storage?
  • Document storage options
  • The benefits of off-site document storage 
  •  Answer the question, ‘Is it really safe to store important documents offsite?’ 

What is document storage?

Document storage (or archiving) is the process of putting documents in storage that you no longer need regular access to. 

Despite often being overlooked, proper document storage is vital to a business and that includes knowing which important documents need to be archived and  those that need to be closer to home for easy access. 

Document storage options

There are three options for you when it comes to document storage and archiving:

  • Cloud / Online Storage (which we have already touched on)
  • Onsite Storage – within the business premises 
  • Offsite Storageusing a self-storage facility 

All three have their benefits and really it is all down to your business needs as to which one you choose.

Some businesses may want to utilise the office space they already have to store their documents. Using filing cabinets and shelves in warehouses are a common theme here but sometimes you may need some extra space and avoid cluttering your office with old documents you don’t need regular access to. 

Off-site storage is a great alternative to this and the right provider will also give you 24-hour access to your files, should you need them. 

The benefits of off-site document storage 

As discussed above, some businesses may require some additional space when it comes to document storage and a storage unit is a great option. 

With document storage, it’s important to pick a facility that meets your requirements. Will you need regular access to your files and will your files be secure? These are just some of the questions you should be asking when it comes to choosing a storage facility. 

There are a number of benefits available to businesses who opt for offsite document storage. These include:

Freeing up office space

As we touched on earlier, using a self-storage provider will prevent you from cluttering up your office with filing cabinets and boxes of old documents you never look at. 

With office space at a premium, particularly for small businesses, using a self-storage provider is a great way of freeing up space and also keeping your business documents secure and out of the way. 

Ease of access 

Having full access to your business documents when you need them should be at the very top of your list of requirements when picking a self-storage provider. They’re your documents after all, why shouldn’t you have access to them? 

While most self-storage providers only offer access during office hours, this can prove a major problem for business owners who often don’t have the luxury of any spare time during the day to visit a storage unit. 

Here at Ready Steady Store, we have you covered – 24 of our 26 stores have 24-hour access to our facilities available, giving you complete flexibility and catering to your needs.

Security: ‘Are my documents really safe?’

In a nutshell, yes they are but there are a few important things to consider.

Security of your business documents should be at the very top of your list of priorities when it comes to selecting a document storage provider. A good self-storage provider will prioritise security within its facility and will always look to improve this. The important thing to remember here is this isn’t an area to compromise on. 

Self-storage providers now need to go above and beyond for customers and offer security that goes further than just a CCTV system. 

Here at Ready Steady Store, we are constantly improving our security for our customers and as the first step in this, have made a number of changes to our stores including:

  • Switched to a new cloud-based access control system – This allows us to manage access to the facility remotely and more securely.
  • Onfido ID checks – This solution allows us to verify and check ID documents and keep your belongings safe and sound.

Regardless of which storage provider you select, you need to be sure they have your best interest in mind and that your sensitive business information is safe.

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