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How to transform your home with Scandinavian interior design tips

Minimalist and modern, there’s no surprise that Scandinavian-inspired decor is all the rage. It’s all about functionality and practicality rather than having a house adorned with ornaments. Don’t worry about it looking boring and plain though; by using natural materials and textures, Scandi designs are stylishly contemporary.

It may seem impossible to transform a cluttered home into a minimalist haven, but a home makeover doesn’t have to be hard. Follow our Scandinavian-inspired interior design tips to give your home a fashionably functional makeover.

Tip one: declutter
It’s time to embrace your inner Marie Kondo – a Japanese organising consultant and author – and decide what things truly give you joy. Scandi style is all about practicality and while contemporary artwork is a big ‘yes’, general bric-a-brac isn’t. Question the use of your belongings: what does it do for you and your home? More importantly, how is it affecting the atmosphere of the space?

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to throw all of your belongings away. Trends change often, so you don’t want to rush into getting rid of everything all at once. Instead, get a secure storage unit from Ready Steady Store. We have locations all over the country, so you’ll be able to access your stuff whenever you like. You’ll be able to give your home a makeover without having to rid your life of belongings that don’t currently match – a total win-win.

Tip two: walls and colour scheme
True Scandinavian design, calls for white walls and neutral floors, allowing for the decor to do the talking. When choosing your furnishings, opt for neutral colours such as grey, brown, white and black as your base. You can then add pops of colour, choosing the likes of green, blue and even fuchsia to show off hints of a louder personality. A lot of your colour should come from plants and prints, which we’ll discuss further.

If you don’t like stark white walls in every room, consider having a feature wall that uses neutral colours. This way you can add more interest to the walls while still holding onto the Scandi-style.

Tip three: textures and print
It may surprise you, but the Scandi trend doesn’t revolve around basic prints and textures. There’s plenty of experimenting to be done as most homes designed in this style combine textures and materials to create a perfect balance of simplistic and personable.

Throws and pillows in simplistic geometric designs will help fill spaces without creating unneeded clutter. Again, stick with neutral colours, such as grey, brown, light beige or navy. Pastel colours are also popular and can add a pop of vibrancy to the room.  Adding a mix of textures such as wool, woven fabrics and mohair add cosiness, preventing this simple style from turning cold.

As well as textiles, consider mixing up the materials you choose for your furniture. Instead of going for just wood or metallics, have a mixture of both. For example, have wooden furniture but add metallic features such as lamps, chandeliers and pendants in the same room.

Tip four: Minimalist art
Artwork is a big part of Scandi decor. It’ll prevent your decluttered space from looking cold or empty while holding onto that essential minimalist atmosphere. Rather than going for ornate pieces, stick with the general message of this trend by opting for cool and contemporary decor. You can place any of your current decor in one of our storage units, just in case you need them in the future.

A simplistic white ceramic vase looks stunning on a coffee table and can be filled with flowers to give a pop of colour. In fact, having a focus on live plants and succulents such as aloe vera is partly key to getting this look right as they’ll brighten up your space while having highly practical uses, such as filtering the air.

When looking for wall art, we recommend line drawings. They’re minimalist, modern and are remarkably striking despite their simplicity. Monochrome art has always been a huge trend and is highly effective when giving your home the Scandi look.

Tip five: Lighting
Scandi homes are breezy, light and airy, so an abundance of natural light is needed. Rid your home of heavy curtains and anything else that unnecessarily blocks windows in order to let the sun stream in. This will brighten the room, especially if you’ve replaced your current furnishings and furniture for something white or grey.

If you don’t have a lot of windows, experiment with lamps, candles and lanterns. A long white lamp can brighten up the room aesthetically and practically, as can dainty wall lamps. Dot them around the home, especially in dark corners. Simple white lanterns and tealights give off a beautiful soft glow, adding additional detail to empty spaces.

Start transforming your home into a Scandinavian paradise by booking a dependable and secure storage unit with Ready Steady Store. You can be sure your belongings are safe without cluttering up your home, with access available every day of the week.

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