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Where can I get boxes for my house move?

How important could a box possibly be? Very, when it comes to a house move. Packing can
be a pain, especially when you end up running out of boxes. Make sure you’re prepared by
stocking up in advance so you don’t end up stressing at the last minute. You’ll want a big supply of small, medium and large boxes to ensure everything can be packed away securely. There are a few options when it comes to sourcing boxes, all of which have their own pros and cons.

Local supermarket
Supermarkets have a huge supply of boxes, many of which they’re happy to give away after they’ve been used. Some supermarkets no longer give away their boxes for free too, with many disposing of them to make room for more products. Make sure you ask in advance or you may end up disappointed.

The negatives? These boxes are likely to be a bit battered and may not be the strongest after being used in a warehouse. Sometimes the boxes don’t have lids or have ones that have been ripped, so make sure you stock up on secure box tape if you go down this route.

The box shop
You can get everything all in one place at the Ready Steady Store Box Shop. All of our boxes and moving accessories are brand new yet affordable, meaning they’re strong without breaking the bank. Being able to source all of your moving supplies in one place can help you stay organised and get on with the job at hand.

From extra strong cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes to essential packing materials, you’ll find a variety of items that will make your move a breeze.

Something large arrived in the post? Save the box for that house move as well as any filling or padding inside to use with fragile items. If you don’t have room for the box, take it apart then make it back up again when you need it.

Ask on social media
Posting on community pages on social media is a great way of reaching out to your neighbours and source old boxes that are no longer needed. This may be buying and selling pages or groups for your specific town. Either way, you’ll be surprised at how many people have boxes laying around the house.

One of the issues with this is that you may not get the exact boxes you need as they vary in size and strength. As mentioned before, they’ll most likely be used which can cause issues with how strong the bottom of the box is. To prevent them from breaking, make sure you pad out your boxes with loose fill chips and you tape up the bottom with a few layers of tape.

Family or workplace
It’s fair to say that you’ll know at least one person who has moved before, plus most workplaces have a supply of boxes for parcels. Ask if you can borrow them for your move, but be mindful that they belong to someone else. Many businesses have large boxes leftover after they’ve purchased large pieces of equipment or tech, which are perfect for keeping bigger items safe.

Whether you need boxes or a secure unit to store your stuff in, you’ll find a wide range of storage solutions at Ready Steady Store.

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