Box Shop Price List

Box Shop Price List

Cardboard boxes

Are you packing seasonal belongings, decluttering, or moving houses? Whether you’re looking for tips or step-by-step instructions, materials to help you in the packing process, we’ve got you covered. Our Useful Resources section has the checklists you need to help you get started. Browse our selection of durable and sturdy storage boxes. With a variety of sizes to choose from, our cardboard boxes are ideal for securely storing your belongings.

Small cardboard box£ 2.99
Medium cardboard box£ 3.99
Archive box£ 4.99
Large cardboard box£ 4.99
Small cardboard box (5 Pack)£ 11.99
Wardrobe cardboard box (including plastic rail)£ 11.99
Self-Pak XL Boxes (2 pack)£ 13.99
Medium cardboard box (5 Pack)£ 17.99
Large cardboard box (5 Pack)£ 21.99

Packing accessories

Get ready to pack like a pro with our range of moving house packing supplies. Find everything you need, from gloves and tape to transit blankets and more. Our selection of packing accessories and moving house supplies will make your packing process a breeze.

Marker pen£ 1.50
Packing tape£ 2.75
Safety Gloves£ 2.99
Loose fill£ 4.50
Transit Blanket 1.5m x 2.5m£ 6.25
Packing tape gun£ 6.50

Packing materials

Safeguard your valuable and cherished belongings against marks and damages by shopping our selection of packing materials. Explore our range of bubble wrap, packing paper, dust sheets, mattress covers, and other protective materials.

Single mattress cover£ 3.50
Armchair covers£ 4.00
King size mattress cover£ 4.00
Sofa cover£ 4.00
Dust sheet£ 4.50
Clear stretch film£ 8.00
Packing paper£ 8.00
750mmX25mtr Green Bio Bubble£ 10.00
Black stretch film£ 10.75
Tissue paper£ 14.50

Padlocks for Storage

Discover our diverse range of padlocks, including cylindrical locks and traditional padlocks, designed to meet your specific needs for securing storage units and safeguarding your belongings. Whether you require a compact option or a heavy-duty lock for enhanced protection, we have the perfect solution for you.

Padlock£ 10.00
Cylinder lock (barrel lock)£ 10.50