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Black stretch film


Black stretch film is ideal for securing confidential products to ensure the contents cannot be identified, and a cost-effective way to protect your belongings in storage.


Loose fill


Flo-pak® Green loosefill chips are made from 100% recycled EPS material. The cushioning chips fill up all the spaces around an object in a box to prevent movement and damage. The product is dust free and can be reused multiple times. It's also recyclable should you want to dispose of it.


Sofa cover


Suitable for any chair or sofa up to a 3 seater. 

This polythene sofa cover is strong, durable and weatherproof, just what you need to protect your soft furnishings whilst in storage.

Plus it's recyclable when you're done with it. 


King size mattress cover


Our double/super king size mattress covers are strong, durable and the best way way to protect your mattress from dirt, dust and damp during storing or whilst moving. Plus you can recycle when you've finished using it. 

Size: 6'

Material: Polythene


Single mattress cover


Our polythene single mattress covers are strong,durab;e and the best way to protect your mattress from dirt, dust and damp during storage or whilst moving.