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Budget Units

Budget unitsOur budget units are specific storage units that may have a slightly irregular shape, limited headroom, or have some sort of building support within the unit. 

However, these minor limitations should not discourage you from considering them as they provide excellent value for money and offer secure storage solutions. Despite their unconventional shape, they are designed to meet your storage needs while keeping costs affordable. You can rest assured that these units are safe, reliable and provide great value for money. 

These units are an affordable and practical solution for individuals and businesses in need of extra space for their belongings or inventory. One of the benefits of choosing our budget units is that they are inexpensive, allowing you to save money without compromising on the quality and security of your storage space.  

Whether you need to store household items while moving or inventory for your business, these storage units offer a cost-effective solution.  

Frequently asked questions

Budget units are storage units that may have unique characteristics, such as an irregular shape or limited headroom, or a building support like a rod or pole located inside the unit. Despite these minor limitations, these units offer excellent value for money and secure storage solutions. 

These units offer ample storage space while keeping the costs low. Although these units have unconventional features, they prioritise security and have strict safety measures in place to ensure the safety of the stored items. Whether you need to store household belongings or business inventory, our budget units provide secure storage solutions without compromising quality and safety. 

If you still have a questions, visit our FAQ section. To discuss prices or to reserve a budget unit, please contact our Reservations Team on 0800 321 3211 (Option 1)