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Self Storage Insurance Cover

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The safety and security of your possessions is important to us, that’s why we do everything we can to make sure your things are safe and secure when you store with us. However, like your home or office, storage units are not immune to risks that can damage your possessions. This is why having storage unit insurance is crucial – it acts as a financial safety net in case the unexpected happens. 

When it comes to off-premises coverage, your business, or home insurance policy may have limitations. For example, coverage for items in a storage unit is often limited or excluded, which means that while your policy may provide some coverage, it may only partially protect your valuable possessions. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that your goods are insured to the correct value.  The insurance we provide covers your goods on a new for old basis. 

We offer two options for insuring the contents of your storage unit:

Insurance cover through Ready Steady Store

  • We are able to secure protection for your goods under our insurance policy, which is specifically created for self storage and provides wide cover including for some perils that are not normally covered under household insurance policies. 
  • The insurance available is also suitable for customers using our business storage solutions, and is provided by the Self Storage Specialist Brokers, Gallagher & Co. who are affiliates of the Self Storage Association (SSA) UK. 
  • The cost of cover depends on the value of your things, so get in touch for more information on pricing. 

What’s covered? 

Actual physical loss of or damage to our customers’ property caused by: 

  • Fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, aircraft or articles dropped there from 
  • Storm, flood, bursting &/or leaking pipes, ingress of water or other liquid substance 
  • Moth, insect or vermin from an external cause 
  • Theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry to or exit from the building or storage unit 
  • Riot, strike, civil commotion, malicious damage 
  • Impact by vehicles or railway rolling stock 

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Using an existing policy

  • If you prefer, you can use your home contents or business insurance if it covers your goods whilst in storage. 
  • You’ll need to bring a confirmation letter from your insurance provider when setting up your contract. 
  • Read through the Insurance Policy Requirements to make sure you’re covered. 

If you need any help, please do get in touch. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is storage insurance? 

There are no set rates for storage insurance. The cost of cover depends entirely on the value of the items being stored. Get in touch for more information on pricing.  

Should I get storage business insurance? 

Storage providers usually require tenants to have some kind of storage insurance before they agree to rent them a unit. It’s possible that an existing business insurance policy covers goods in storage, but there may be a limit on the value of goods or the length of time they are stored. It’s important to check your policy to ensure you’re fully covered, whilst Ready Steady Store can provide cover if you are not. 

Storage insurance ensures that you are compensated if items you’ve put in storage are damaged due to fire, flood, earthquake, storm, subsidence, sprinkler damage or vandalism. You are not automatically covered for these incidents under your rental agreement with the storage company.