–  "Woman who dealt with the initial reservation and completion was both warm and friendly. Unfortunately her name escapes me but I believe her name began with C."

 –  "Excellent customer service. Very friendly and efficient. Highly educational too - never heard of Alaskan Malamutes before!"

 –  "Very efficient and friendly service/introduction. I was contacted as soon as I reserved and politely taken through the process. The entry system is good and the storage units clean and a perfect size for our needs. I also received a great discount on an Enterprise van hire. Highly recommend the service and the Roseville Road team in particular."

 –  "Rental of a storage room was quick and easy. If I ever need storage again. Would definitely use again."

 –  "Friendly and supportive staff, they made storing items a breeze."

 –  "Very easy and straight forward. We got the last 2 units in the place and luckily they were both located together. Very professional and secure unit."

 –  "Easy to use. Great staff who talked to you like a valued customer. Great communications between RRS staff and me at all stages of the move. I have already recommended Ready Steady Store and will certainly be back. Excellent experience. Great price Great trolleys and a really clean place."

 –  "Very friendly and helpful staff."

 –  "The whole experience from start to finish was brilliant. The customer service was outstanding and everything was clearly explained. The building and units themselves are of such a high standard. I’ll definitely be using again and would highly recommend!"

 –  "Excellent prompt service from staff. Really approachable and efficient check in. Easy to access storage and perfect for needs. May be another couple of trolleys would help as had to wait for one to be free on a Saturday morning."

 –  "Very friendly and helpfull people working on reception. Amazing 24/7 access."

 –  "Very friendly and excellent service"

 –  "Although the man that dealt with me was very nice, the fact that the storage facility opposite offered me a hugely reduced price storage room (without knowing what I was already paying) , free boxes and no deposit, meant that I have already cancelled my contract with ready steady store. Unfortunately I feel they are a rip off compared, and only offered to price match once I said I was moving. If I did not move, they will continue to do this to new customers and would have charged me only two weeks at a reduced price unlike opposite, which is 8 weeks reduced, and still cheaper even when at full price."

 –  "Very professional and everything was ready to complete as I have added my details etc on-line."

 –  "Adding a monthly pack onto my account without agreement"

 –  "It’s fantastic staffs and service"

 –  "I Would recommend ready steady store. I have given a rate of 4 due to not being told about the extra cost while making enquiries before I was asked for my deposit over the phone, I distinctly asked if there were any other extra costs. I was told the exact amount I would be paying each month. When I arrived at the Ready Steady Store to view the storage size. I was told about the extra cost which was different from the amount that I would be asked to pay each month. if you choose not to pay the extra money which you receive back when you leave."

 –  "A nice tidy storage facility. Helpful and welcoming staff and straight forward check in process. I'd definitely use them again."

 –  "Fendly staff nice a secure place"

 –  "The member of staff who set everything up for me on site was very helpful and efficient. However the person I spoke to on the phone when I booked the storage didn't make it clear there was an extra charge for 24 hour access. This was also not clear in the wording of the quotation I got by email. '24 access available' is ambiguous.It should say 24 access available for an extra fee."