–  "They were polite, friendly and helpful."

 –  "Great customer service, competitive pricing, very responsive, secure facility"

 –  "Support and advise was observed to be very efficient"

 –  "Helpful, friendly and very competent staff. Competitive prices. Excellent facilities, clean, modern and safe."

 –  "Good customer service from Andrew in Manchester."

 –  "Impressed so far , the anytime access has been a godsend , plus the lady I dealt with on signing up was very informative and explained all my options really well"

 –  "Iwas quoted 7.50 per week for 8 weeks and 15 thereafter for a storage unit. I was charged 56 on my first month, and then charged 100 for each month after that. When I enquired they ahd said they gave me a larger storage unit at a higher price, which I did not request. Very disappointed that I was mininformed"

 –  "It’s good."

 –  "Friendly and informative staff"

 –  "Great location, good price and very helpful staff."

 –  "Very nice and helpful staff, the security is very good and I am sure that my belongings will be safe and secure."

 –  "We have had an excellent experience with Ready Steady Store so far. After booking the space a week ago, we had a follow up phone call on the morning we were planning to use the storage unit. As we were travelling from Oxfordshire to the store in Manchester this was very reassuring. I was prompted by Andrew to book in online so when we arrived mid afternoon the paperwork was ready for immediate completion. We were shown the unit before we completed the paperwork and paid the first month's payment by debit card. We were advised we only had to give two week's notice to cancel the contract. We were very impressed with the security measures in place which were explained to us in detail. The unit was clean and easily accessible. Trolleys were provided to move our possessions from the car to the store. As we live so far from Manchester we are confident that we left our goods in a safe and secure unit."

 –  "Amazing, quikcky and great people"

 –  "Top rated 5 star"

 –  "Quick call back! Excellent and friendly service when i arrived at the storage centre. Cheap and reliable despite me being very last minute. Would recommend for students or other manchester residents looking to store their items."

 –  "Ease of use, 24hrs access, friendly and helpful staff. Great location happy all round!"

 –  "Brilliant staff, helpful, professional, and not pushy at all I would definitely recommend ready steady store."

 –  "I contacted Manchester Central at very short notice, they not only did they do everything via the telephone but organised a locker, lock, access instructions (all sent via super clear email) and stayed till after closing to do so, and they also had great prices!"

 –  "Very quick and friendly booking and confirmation"

 –  "Excellent service very polite, helpful and professional"