–  "It is clean and tidy on location. The staffs are always smiling to you and Hi when they see you, which made you so welcome. Price is good and reason."

 –  "Speedy and efficient. Very clean and spacious the staff member was friendly and approachable."

 –  "Amea the price is really competitive compared to other s plus they gave me 24hr access"

 –  "Great communication"

 –  "Everything"

 –  "Great staff"

 –  "Very pushy and misleading information. Not very helpful."

 –  "Everyone friendly"

 –  "Staff extremely friendly and the process is easy."

 –  "Yes I’ll recommend people to rent them"

 –  "What can I say.... in the last 4 years I have had 5 different sized units at readysteadystore. I swapped units again last month and the customer service was still just as fantastic. It was helpful, personal and very professional."

 –  "They were polite, friendly and helpful."

 –  "Great customer service, competitive pricing, very responsive, secure facility"

 –  "Support and advise was observed to be very efficient"

 –  "Helpful, friendly and very competent staff. Competitive prices. Excellent facilities, clean, modern and safe."

 –  "Good customer service from Andrew in Manchester."

 –  "Impressed so far , the anytime access has been a godsend , plus the lady I dealt with on signing up was very informative and explained all my options really well"

 –  "Iwas quoted 7.50 per week for 8 weeks and 15 thereafter for a storage unit. I was charged 56 on my first month, and then charged 100 for each month after that. When I enquired they ahd said they gave me a larger storage unit at a higher price, which I did not request. Very disappointed that I was mininformed"

 –  "It’s good."

 –  "Friendly and informative staff"