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Drag the bar from left to right to increase or decrease the amount of storage space required and to see what you can fit into that space.

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25 sq ft unit (8 ft high)

Use the size estimator below to get an idea of what size unit you need.

  • Stacking your belongings or storing items like furniture on its side, will give you more space
  • Did you know the smaller the size the less it costs?
  • Stack high! Our units are sized by the area of the floor space and are all at least 8 feet high.
  • There's no commitment - you can change sizes as you need, at any time, at no extra cost
  • The image is representive of the size of the unit. Exact dimensions may vary.
  • 9 sq ft lockers are only 3 ft high. 12 ft lockers are only 4 ft high.
If you need more help, please contact our customer service team for further advice and help.
size estimator
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