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Furniture storage

Bed cartoon iconUsing self storage for your furniture is an ideal solution in the following circumstances:

  • When you’re moving home, and there’s a gap between leaving your old property and moving to the new one
  • If you are decorating or renovating your home and want to protect your furniture from dust/paint splatters
  • Storing extra furniture after you’ve downsized your home
  • Decluttering to make extra room at home
  • If you’re travelling/moving abroad and need to store your furniture while you rent out your home

Call to speak to a member of our customer service team on 0800 321 3211 for further advice or get a free online quote from your nearest store.

Why choose Ready Steady Store for furniture storage?

You can’t do much about the housing market, the cost of stamp duty, your location but how your home looks for sale or rental is totally in your control. Being able to store your furniture can help make sure you secure your sale.

Our furniture storage services allow you flexibility so that you can move out on time and preserve the chain. You may wish to store some furniture while you move or, if you are planning some renovation in the new home as soon as you move in.

Most people looking to buy a new home are looking for more space, typically they have outgrown the space they have. A simple de-clutter can help maximise the space you have, and start the process of getting ready to move – consider furniture storage for those pieces that you don’t need everyday to make space in your home. Store the extra stuff you and the family have accumulated over the years.

Furniture storage costs are quite reasonable, especially in the context of selling your house. The longer it takes to sell the more you are spending to stay there, and maintain it – you are also likely to end up reducing the price, so de-cluttering and putting your furniture in storage can be very cost-effective.

Our Furniture Storage Units

Ready Steady Store have furniture storage units in sizes from 20 sq ft, to 1500sq ft. All our larger units have double doors making it easy to get large pieces of furniture in.

Make sure you only pay for the space you need by packing the unit carefully and making the most of the height of the furniture storage unit, (at least 8ft). Put large items, like sofas on their sides, stack items like cupboards and tables, and dismantle furniture large items like beds. This will help you to get the most in the smallest unit, so that your furniture storage costs are minimised.

Click on our Size Estimator to see how much space you need, or call our storage experts FREE on 0800 321 3211 they will be very happy to help you.

Short Term and Long Term Furniture Storage

With Ready Steady Store you can store as for as long or as little as you like. So if you need to store your furniture between rentals, or while you are having some decorating done it’s no problem. If on the other hand, you want to store for a few years you can be confident that your goods will be safe and secure with us.

Short term furniture storage can be a great solution;

• When you’re moving home, and there’s a gap between leaving your old property and moving to the new one
• If you are decorating or renovating your home and want to protect your furniture from dust/paint splatters
• Storing extra furniture after you’ve downsized your home
Decluttering to make your home seem more spacious when you are selling.

Furniture storage is useful in the long term:

• If you’re travelling/moving abroad and need to store your furniture while you rent out your home
• If you are renting out your home and want to store some of your furniture so it is safe and secure.
• If you have sold your home and are renting in the meantime
• If someone has died and you need to empty their home and want to keep some of the belongings.
• You are planning a “grand design” and will not be able to live in the house while the work is being done

Furniture Storage Costs

Storage costs are based on the size of the unit you need and the length of time you are going to stay. The costs vary from store to store too. To get the best value, make sure you get the right size unit, if you get one that is too big, you will be paying for space you are not using.

You can upsize and downsize your unit free of charge– so if you sell a piece of furniture, or buy one you can move to a new unit, simply contacting your store.

We have opening offers at most stores for our new customers, these are typically half price for the first 8 to 12 weeks. These offers are great value for people looking for short term furniture storage. If you are looking for long term furniture storage, discounts are available for long stays.

The cost for a 50sq unit, which is big enough to store the contents of a one bed flat, will cost you £10.75* per week for the first 12 weeks at our Bournemouth store, and a 100st ft unit, which you can store the contents of a two bedroom house for £17.75* per week for the first 8 weeks at our Leeds Roseville Rd Store* – prices correct October 19 – please speak to our customer service team on 0800 321 3211.

Click here to get an Instant Online Price

*prices correct 22/10/19, prices change subject to availability.

Insurance for furniture in storage

The safety and security of your possessions is important to us, and you can’t store without contents insurance. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure your things are safe and secure when you store with us.

We can offer Insurance for furniture in storage through the Ready Steady Store policy:

  • We are happy to arrange a new for old insurance policy, which is specifically created for self storage and covers a wider range of potential incidents than are covered under normal household insurance policies.
  • The insurance we provide is approved by the Self Storage Association.

The cost of cover depends on the value of your things, so get in touch for more information on pricing.

Click here to see What’s covered by our Insurance

If you prefer, you can use your home contents insurance if it covers your goods whilst in storage:

  • You’ll need to bring a confirmation letter from your insurance provider when setting up your contract.
  • Read through the Insurance Policy Requirements to make sure you’re covered.
  • Please click here to read about using your home contents policy while goods are in storage.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your furniture and goods in storage are insured. To learn more about insurance for furniture storage please click here

Furniture removal and storage

We have some great furniture storage services to help make storing with us easier.

These include two options for helping with removal and getting your goods to store:

We have a partnership with Enterprise Van Hire;

If you don’t have your own transport, we have teamed up with Enterprise to offer their vans at preferential prices to help our customers move into their furniture storage units.
The Ready Steady Store preferential rate for a transit van from Enterprise Van Hire is £38* per 24 hours, and we often have further promotional offers too!

Contact our Customer Services Team for full details or click here Enterprise Van Hire

If you need help with loading and unloading your furniture and goods, we also have links with van and man companies at each of our stores.  Once you’ve you’ve got a storage unit to suit your needs we can put you in touch with local van and man companies to help you with getting your things to the store on your move in day.

  • Prices are dependent on the company you choose to go with
  • How much you need to move and how long it will take will also be a factor in the price

For information, click here Van and Man Services or have a chat with the store team at your Nearest Store.

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We also provide:

• Boxes, bubble wrap and other packing materials from our Box Shop
Van hire or removal services through one of our local partners
Racking or shelving to help you organise and maximise your space