Self Storage for Everyone

Are we living in a Material World?

Are your belongings getting out of control? Do you have so many that you
struggle to find space for them all? Despite this and the fact you don’t want to
part with anything you currently own – do you regularly find yourself purchasing
the next new thing?

You aren’t alone. In recent years the growth of social media – and the increased
marketing opportunities that have come with it – has only intensified our desire
to own more as we are constantly inspired by the products we see in the pixels of these platforms.

There is a wide range of reasons why we spend our hard earned money on items
in the first place and a number of factors that prevent us from parting with them.

In time we might sell those that are relatively unused, so we can use the money to buy something new or donate older belongings to charity, to give them a new lease of life. But, there are some things we simply can’t bring ourselves to part with, which is why so many of us are turning to storage units to find the extra space we so desperately need.

But, while we know we own more than ever before, we wanted to know exactly
how materialistic we are, in the UK. We conducted a survey to find out:

Material world infographic


Self Storage for Everyone